A Good Grips Citrus Tool For Your Kitchen

A lemon zester is an inexpensive, easy to use kitchen tool for getting zest from other citrus fruits and lemons. A lemon zester is about four inches in diameter, has a long handle and a pointed metal end, and the lid of which is perforated using a series of small round holes with small sharpened metal edges.

To use one, place the lemon inside, cover with lemon peel, and press the flat edge of the letter down on the peel to cut it. Remove the lemon wedge and use the sharp end of the zester to pierce the peel.

The inside surface of a lemon zester acts as a cutting board so when you grate, cut, or chop lemons, you must use your flat-ended grater. Use the grater’s handle to push the letter down through the holes. Do not remove the peel until you are ready to grate.

Lemon zesters come in several varieties. Most are round in shape and made of stainless steel or plastic. Some have a long handle that allows for the grating of thicker lemons.

Other variations include ones with serrated edges on each end and others that are designed with channels along the edge of the lemon zester that allow the citrus to drain. When selecting a grater, select one with large enough channels to allow the draining of thick lemons.

Lemon zesters are simple to use. Just hold the gadget over the lemon and squeeze to cut the wedge. Some lemon zesters have a scoop that allows you to drop the lemon into the device and have it quickly scooped out. If you prefer, you can also purchase citrus fruit jellies from this tool.

The stainless steel construction of this essential kitchen tool makes it appropriate for daily use. It is sturdy enough to slice through even the thickest lemons. The stainless steel body provides excellent grip so you do not slip on your knife while holding this versatile gadget.

A protective cover, made from pewter, comes with most models. This cover will protect the lemon zester from stains, fingerprints and food spillage.

Many people enjoy preparing lemon zester sandwiches or other dishes garnished with lemon zest. They enjoy the lemons’ freshness and the way the bread crumbs crumbles with the flavors of the lemon zester and the fruits. Some of these tools have additional spouts for added drainage of the lemon juice.

The citrus peel on top of the lemon zester will keep your food from sticking to it when you scrape the ingredients with your knife. As you are zesting, be sure to wash your knife between uses. The lemon zester tool is made of a flexible yellow part that easily grips the yellow peels of lemons.

The yellow part fits tightly over the peel and holds it in place. When the peel starts to curl, that’s the time to remove it and replace it with another piece. The lemon zester will last for several weeks of daily use before you have to change it.

The lemon zester and its removable peel make a wonderful and easy addition to any kitchen. This versatile instrument will create unique and flavorful recipes, and it is well worth the investment.

It is not essential to purchase a new cooking instrument every time you become tired of the same old tools. Give an old paring knife or a quality cutlery set a try, they may just surprise you!

Using a lemon zester and its long strips made of yellow metal will provide you with the perfect garnish for all kinds of cooking. You can use it for making candied peelings, lemonade, ice cream, and lemon cakes.

Just put the lemon zest, lemon wedges, and lemon slices on your next salad or cake. As an alternative to using garnishes in these dishes, you could also use small chunks of the candied peelings. This would go well on stews and soups.

Lemon zester tools are not only convenient but stylish as well. Many people enjoy carrying this item from the kitchen to their bedroom. It can be found in a variety of colors and styles, and there are several sizes available. You can find a size that best fits your hand and your needs.

The best part about using lemon zesters in your kitchen is that it comes in a variety of styles. There is a style to suit any preference. Long slender handles, tapered and rounded designs, and long, tapered handles are all available.

There are even stainless steel models available. You can use your new lemon zester as a replacement for your old kitchen tool that you no longer want or need.

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