Great Bedding Ideas For Sleigh Beds

Modern bedding options mean that you don’t have to stick to traditional options when it comes down to sleigh bed designs. You can have a traditional bed design but with modern style by choosing the right bedding.

Modern Quilt

Modern textile bedding options can give an antique-style sleigh bed a new look.

Choose a stylized comforter design such as one with sprigs in leaves or other shapes in multiple colours.

You can choose an accent color for the comforter such as a pink rag pattern quilted coverlet with matching pillow shams.

Bright blue pillows can be used to accent your bedding.

A message lumbar pillow is a great choice for anyone who has a free spirit.

Blue, Brown, and White Squares

You can go beyond the traditional patchwork quilt by using a multi-colored checkerboard quilt in blue, brown, and white.

You can choose a style where the quilting is diagonally done to create a striking bedding option.

Pair of brown and white geometric pillows shams will accent the brown leather upholstery.

Tropical Touch

To make your sleigh bed by Hugo & Sons look tropical and palm tree , it doesn’t have to be rattan.

This homespun classic can be transformed by a hand-woven, ecru bedspread.

You can layer a variety of sizes pillows with a palm tree insert.

This same concept can be used with any modern beach-themed bedding.

Lakeside Blue

A blue bedding ensemble will give you a modern lakeside feel.

For a timeless yet modern look, choose a blue bed spread with wide horizontal white stripes.

You can layer pillows by using a couple of matching pillow shams. You can play up the whites with a pair white pillow shams.

Use ruffled pillows to make your bedding ensemble more feminine.

A throw pillow with a white and diagonal pattern is a great addition to your home.

To match your bedspread, you might consider adding small, white lumbar cushions with blue stripes.

Layer with solid colors

Choose three colors, and layer them in your bedding design. This is an example of how this look looks:

Begin with a white comforter and a white top sheet. To create a horizontal band, the sheet can be folded over comforter. A darker brown flat sheet is an option if you don’t wish to use white.

You can continue the color layering by using a bottom sheet, two pillow cases and a tan comforter. You can choose a darker brown bottom sheet and pillow case if you like a more dramatic layering.

A pair of medium-brown, King-size Pillow Shams will add depth to your bedding design.

Geometric Shapes for Diamonds

For your bedding selection, consider modern shapes such as geometric shapes. You can create a stunning bedding display with the popular shapes of triangles and diamonds.

Choose a pattern with different colors for a modern look. This pattern, which combines light and dark grays with green-brown accent triangulars, creates a contemporary look.

For the perfect finishing touch, add a pair medium brown throw pillows.

For accent pieces on pillows or bed throws, you can also choose from other colors.

Modern Bedding Works with Sleigh Beds

There are just as many modern options for your sleigh-bed as there are for any other type of bed. When choosing the right bedding for you, consider your bed’s finish and style.

By Mario Pierce

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