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How to use a projector as a TV

What to Know

  • Any projector can be used as a TV. However, you might need additional hardware.
  • You may be able to use your projector as a TV if it has built-in apps.
  • A streaming device, cable box, or TV tuner can be connected to your projector.

This article will show you how to use any projector to make a TV. You may need adapters or hardware depending on the capabilities of your projector to make it a television.

Can a projector be used as a TV?

Although a projector can replace the television in most cases, it can’t be used interchangeably. Televisions come with built-in TV tuners that allow them to receive broadcasts over the air. This is the most important difference. While you can use a projector to stream movies, shows, and other activities, watching broadcast television is a more difficult task.

These are the options available for using a projector to make a TV.

  • Cable box – If you own a cable box you can connect it to your projector via HDMI. You can use your projector the same way you would a TV.
  • Streaming device. If you own a streaming device such as a Roku, Fire Stick, or Roku, you can connect it via HDMI to your projector and then view the TV with an app like YouTube TV.
  • Native applications: Some projectors run native apps and are built on platforms such as Android TV. You may be able to run a TV streaming app directly from your projector with no additional streaming device.
  • TV tuner – These devices reproduce the functionality of televisions, but are often missing from projectors. They work by connecting an antenna to the tuner and then connecting the tuner to your projector. Then you can watch local broadcast TV channels the same way you would with your TV.

How to use a projector as a TV

You must decide which method you will use to projector your TV. A cable box will work best if you already have a subscription to cable TV.

You will need to buy a streaming device and then subscribe to a television streaming site. You only need to purchase a subscription to the native app if your projector supports it. A TV tuner and the appropriate antenna will allow you to view local channels.

Once you have decided on the best method, you can set up your projector as a TV.

  1. As you would with a normal projector, set it up.

    A free HDMI input is required. If your projector does not have enough inputs, you might need to unplug an input device such as a Blu-ray player/DVD player.

  2. An HDMI cable can be connected to your projector’s input.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable at the other end to your TV tuner, streaming device, or cable box.
  4. Connect your projector for android with a soundbar, speakers, or home theatre system.
  5. You may have to wait for your cable box or TV tuner to start receiving programming information from the cable company.
  6. Install a TV streaming app if you are using a native app or streaming device.
  7. Now you are ready to watch TV with your projector.

Is it OK to use a projector to watch TV every day?

You can use your projector to make a TV using any of these methods. Although you may have purchased your projector for home cinematography, it can also be used to watch television every day, whether you are watching the news or catching up on your favorite sitcoms.

One problem with using a projector to view TV is that we interact with it differently than when watching movies on a projector. Many people leave their TV on 24/7 to hear background noise.

You should consider the bulb’s lifespan when you use your projector as a TV. If you leave the projector on for extended periods every day, it could easily burn out a 2,000-hour bulb.

It’s easier to use your projector like any other TV if it has an LED lamp with a long life that can last for thousands of hours without having to replace it every year. However, we recommend that you turn off any projectors you aren’t using.

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