League of Legends: Setting and Option Guide

League of Legends, also known as “LoL”, is one of the most recognizable video games of all-time. It has been the most popular game on the planet since its inception over a decade ago. This led to a hugely successful esports scene, and millions of loyal fans. League of Legends is one of a few games that has shaped the gaming landscape and popular culture. It shows no signs of slowing down, however.

We felt it was time to add this game to our collection, as new players are still joining the fray. Our analysts spent a lot of time analyzing the game and its professional players and came up with a detailed settings guide and options guide that will help you win more games. This guide can be used as a starting point for creating your own settings or learning a few tricks along the way. This guide will be constantly updated to reflect current trends. So make sure you check back often and check here for more information.

Best mouse settings for League of Legends

League of Legends is not a shooter, but it does require precision. Although overall sensitivity levels are higher than those used by pros in shooter games, most pros don’t use that level of sensitivity. While accuracy is important, you still need to aim accurately.

The median values used by professional players can be seen to the right. These are also the default values. These settings can be helpful if you are new to the game. However, mouse settings can be very subjective so it is best to experiment with the settings that work for you. To maintain consistency, it is a good idea for your mouse camera to move at the same speed as your actual mouse speed.87% of professionals analyzed use the same value to their cam sens and mouse sens.

If you are completely new to gaming, we recommend that you try the median values shown on the right. Most gaming mice have a 1600 DPI setting.

Best keyboard settings for League of Legends

Something else that’s pretty subjective are what kind of hotkeys you like to use. As a rule of thumb though you will want to keep all of your hotkeys within reach: it makes no sense to map one of your Summoner Spells to a button on the numpad, unless you’ve got a very specific and special play style. Something that you can consider is moving some of the items away from 6 and 7 and to another button, because those can be a bit far and difficult to reach in hectic moments and that can again lose you precious time. In a game like LoL every fraction of a second counts.

We recommend using fractions of seconds.Quick Cast AllThis will save you time and allow you to click one less time before you can use an ability. The downside is that you won’t see the range of spells. However, once you reach higher levels, you’ll want familiarity with spell ranges so make sure to start to learn them as soon as possible.

You can get the best of both the worlds by going to the hotkeys tab, binding your abilities under Quick Cast to their regular buttons, and then binding the abilities in Quick Cast With Indicator to shift + their regular button. You can simultaneously hold shift and your ability to show range and indicators while still being able Quick Cast any ability you want by pressing the button. To avoid embarrassing miscasts, you can also use the Alt key and the correct corresponding key for Self Cast.

You could also bind these items to different buttons. However, a keyboard has limited space so a modifier key is useful for many.

You can also use a number of keybinds in this game to make life easier. However, these are usually recommended and often used. These are just suggestions. If you find another that works, please let us know.

You can adjust the speed of your keyboard movements, but many players prefer to do this slightly higher so they can “browse” the battlefield faster.

  • Your keybinds should always be within reach
  • You can experiment until you find the right balance for you.

Bind Quick Cast with indicator to SHIFT+ BUTTON
Bind Self to ALT + BUTTON
Use Quick Cast All
League of Legends: Best Resolution and Refresh Rate
League of Legends is not a difficult game to run since it’s rather old and was made to perform on a wide variety of machines to begin with, so the large majority of professional players are playing at 1920×1080 and that’s what we recommend as well. You could play at higher resolutions but there’s really no need to do that as this game isn’t meant as ‘eye candy’ and you don’t want to unnecessarily tax your PC.

refresh rate is not as important in MOBAs as it is for shooter games. Therefore, there isn’t much emphasis on higher refresh rates. It’s best to use what your monitor and PC can do. The game will look smoother at 144 frames/second and higher, so if your budget allows for that, this is the ideal refresh rate.





Best Interface Settings for League of Legends

The default interface sizes in LoL can make some elements a bit large and others (such as the map) too small, so a lot of players like to change this up.

A smaller HUD, chat and cursor scale will enable you to see more of the fight. However, it is important to keep your cursor small so that it does not become too difficult to read during fast-paced fights. These elements will vary depending on your preference, but we recommend not going too low.

should increase the size of your minimap. A minimap is an extremely important piece of information. Having it larger will make all difference.

The image to the right (you may click it to enlarge) shows us how we think the values should be set to create the ideal starting point for your interface settings.

Best Sound Settings for League of Legends

Sound is not really of massive importance in League of Legends, so you will not get many competitive advantages out of tweaking for hours in the sound settings, but if you’re really going for that competitive fix you might want to consider lowering ‘useless’ sounds such as the music volume and ambience volume and raising the volume of pings and the announcer, for example.

The majority of players will go with their own preferences here. There is no best or only solution. You can experiment with sound settings, or leave it as it is.

Best Video Settings for League of Legends

League of Legends is, as we mentioned earlier, not a terribly difficult game to run, so if you’ve got the frames to spare then you can always raise up those graphical settings. For a stutter free experience, however, it’s always best to minimize distractions and ‘useless’ (for competitive players) eye candy and prioritize a smooth game without frame drops.

Low spec mode might be an option if you experience frame drops or poor performance. This is only available in the LoL client and not in the main game. This will decrease the client’s use of resources and increase performance. It’s also a good idea to disable screen shake, since it doesn’t do anything that will help you play the game. You can also disable screen shake to improve performance.


League of Legends does not have many super complicated settings or menus to get used to, but there definitely are some things that you may want to consider tweaking in order to get a better competitive experience.

You might find something new, whether you are a beginner or an expert with more than ten years of experience. We hope this game helped you adjust your settings or provide a starting point if you are new to the game. We will continue to update this guide as changes are made to the game and settings. Please check back often for new updates!

Thank you for reading and good luck.

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