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Reverse Distribution Services – Pharma Logistics

What is reverse distribution?

The reverse distribution process involves removing obsolete, unsold, or recalled inventory. It can be difficult to choose the right reverse distribution service for your pharmacy given the variety of available services. Here is a quick overview of the services that are available for expired pharmaceutical product returns.

There are two types of reverse distribution

Two core reverse distributions services are available for the return of expired pharmaceuticals.

1. Service on-site

Prepare, pull, and then package
A licensed and trained representative from a pharmaceutical return company will be on-site to pull the returns from your shelves, fill out the required paperwork and pack your shipment for collection by the carrier.

  • Benefit: A “done for you” service that frees you and your staff from the tedious task of pulling products together and filling out paperwork. This allows you to focus on patient care.

2. Box & Ship Service

Your pharmacy may choose to pack and ship its returns manually to the pharmaceutical return company. The boxes and labels are provided in advance by the company.

  • Benefit A great option for pharmacies who prefer to prepare and submit their prescription returns.

Expedited Credit Available for Drug Returns

Many pharmacies have a reverse distributor and pharmaceutical warehousing that can expedite the process of getting credit for returned items.

Rapid Credit Programme:

You can get credits for returns quickly from your pharmacy – within 14 days of the product arriving at our facility. To see how much you could save with our Rapid credit program, use our ROI Calculator. Enter your daily or annual pharmacy spend.

  • benefits is a great way for your pharmacy to boost cash flow quickly – with reduced reconciliation time – instead of waiting up until 24 months as the industry norm. Your pharmacy is responsible for the transfer of the risk of a decrease or loss in return value due to manufacturer policies changes to the reverse distributor company.

Assistance with managing your pharmacy’s inventory

Inventory Management Services

Complete inventory assistance can be provided to your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will receive complete inventory assistance from credentialed and experienced crew members.

  • Benefit: A “done for you” service that frees you and your pharmacist staff from the tedious task of cataloging and tracking products. This allows you to concentrate on patient care.

Additional Services

Depending on the capabilities of the company that produces pharmaceutical returns, additional services may be available. These include:

Consumer drug take-back services:

Your pharmacy can coordinate a “drug take-back” program with the pharmaceutical returns company. It is encouraged that consumers safely dispose of any unwanted pharmaceutical products.

  • Benefit: Protects your community against accidental poisoning and prescription drug abuse; lowers the risk of pharmaceutical waste by disposing of it in an environmentally safe manner.

Your Choice of a Drug Return Company is Important

The services and drug return company you choose will generally depend on your pharmacy team’s needs.

Some pharmacies might want to cut down on the time it takes to pack and return products for credit. An Onsite Service for Drug Returns may be the best option.

A Box and Ship service is a good option for pharmacies who want to quickly ship returnable items.

Comprehensive Inventory Management Services are likely to be beneficial for pharmacies that need assistance in managing inventory and serving large or growing customer bases.

No matter what your pharmacy’s needs are, it is important to ensure that the drug company you choose provides services that meet them efficiently and cost-effectively.

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