Three Types of Coffee Grinders – Finding the Right One For You

As surprising as it might sound, having a coffee grinder is more beneficial than simply updating your coffee machine.

Yes, know it s that coffee machine that brews the perfect coffee but hears me out. A good solid grinder can transform the overall coffee experience in your kitchen.

First off, a coffee grinder can come in two different types. The first type of coffee grinder is manual grinder.

This kind of coffee grinder uses a flat grinding plate on the front. You simply use the front of the plate to turn a lever and “throw” the beans into the grinding machine.

This kind of coffee grinder is great for grinding small amounts of beans in the single-cup mode.

The other type of coffee grinder is the electric coffee grinder. These are typically battery operated and have a very large chuck which is used to grind coarse ground coffee particles into fine powder-like material.

The electric model is favored over the manual one because you are able to go from espresso-style grounds to freshly ground black coffee in seconds.

The only drawback is that the electricity can be costly if you don’t plan on buying an expensive electric grinder.

Another type of coffee grinder is the coffee grinder that produces a hot cup of coffee in just a few seconds.

These are considered manual because you will need to use your own hand strength to turn the lever and apply pressure to get the coffee grinds to grind into a fine powder.

These are preferred by some people simply because they produce a much better-tasting cup of coffee.

There are also electric versions of these grinders that produce coffee that is much stronger.

However, it takes a lot longer to grind the coffee since you need to keep the lever moving for a much longer period of time.

The hot water extraction grinder uses a pressurized tank to apply pressure to apply heat to the coffee grounds until the coffee particles are released one at a time.

This type of grinder produces the best cup of coffee but has the most limited number of settings and you cannot adjust the water temperature of the water.

It is best suited for people who like their coffee strong and robust. An extraction unit is also capable of producing iced coffee.

Some of the better models have variable temperature control so that you can set a particular temperature that is perfect for iced coffee.

The final type of coffee grinder we are going to discuss is the coffee grinder that uses both blade and manual operation.

This is considered the best type of grinders simply because they produce uniform results.

They also produce finer and more consistent results than any other method. In addition, you do not have to worry about getting burnt coffee bits as some other methods will.

A good choice of the coffee grinder above is a blade grinder. The reason why they are the best is that they use a rotating disc to grind the coffee.

The only downside is that manual turning of the handle needs to be done by a trained individual in order to prevent the blades from being damaged.

Blade units produce the best tasting เครื่องบดกาแฟ coffee grinder because of the uniformity achieved. A drawback of the blade unit is that you cannot adjust the temperature of the water used for brewing.

In our last discussion, we discussed the differences between electric grinders and manual grinders. In this article, we will discuss the similarities between electric and ceramic burrs.

Electric units have the advantage of being able to provide consistent grind settings.

This allows you to brew a stronger cup of coffee if you want to and if your cup of coffee is weak. A downside of electric coffee grinder units is that they cost more than manual units.

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