Tile Cutter can be Good as Tile Saw and here is Why

About 4 years ago now, I purchased this Sigma 26 Inch Tile Cutter, also referred to as a floor tile board, or perhaps a free of moisture snap cutter.

This click cutter is designed to score and snap floor tiles, both ceramic, ceramic, as well as glass, and for its hassle-free dimensions, it will preserve time and energy more than constantly getting out of bed and outside to the damp saw for right or diagonal reductions.

I bought this tile cutter based on observed high quality, and after typical use, I am not let down!

The majority of the instrument is manufactured out of both cast and extruded aluminum with number of plastic-type material components, which makes it not only extremely long lasting but light-weight too. This is basically the very first take type cutter I’ve possessed, along with the change from drive to pull had been a relatively easy one particular.

A fantastic good thing about a pull cutter is definitely the measuring rule is close to the user. The Sigma was created by using a ease and comfort grasp take care of. Incorporating that with one particular 10 mm thicker rail can make scoring and breaking up thicker or challenging resources a piece of cake.


The Sigma 26 inches porcelain tile cutter works by first itching a straight range across the top of the ceramic tile having a solidified metal tire and then applying strain directly underneath the range and also on each side from the range on top.


In such a case, the cutting wheel and breaking up jig “carriage” are mixed on the bottom of the deal with that journeys along one beam to hold the carriage angled correctly along with the lower direct. The beam is elevation adaptable to manage various thicknesses of tiles.

The lower resource has adaptable fences for angled slashes and sq . slashes and fencing ceases for several slices of exactly the same dimension. The scoring tire is readily replaceable.


There are several capabilities that are part of the Sigma 26 ” Floor tile Cutter, some much like most, but other individuals distinctive. It really is these exclusive capabilities combined with the excellence of the instrument that creates this Sigma a great decision.


Pair the accuracy and precision of the calculating components with the previously mentioned durability in the rail and you’ve got a snapper that will handle delicate 1/16” believe substance all the way up around hard, 3⁄4” porcelain paves. Even reducing little “slivers” from typical supplies is performed without difficulty for this Sigma.

Historical past

The initial floor tile cutter was designed to facilitate the work and solve the issues that masons had when reducing hydraulic mosaic or en-caustic concrete ceramic tiles (a type of elaborate ceramic tile with pigmented cement, very found in the 50s, due to the substantial energy needed as a result of higher solidity and fullness of these floor tiles).

Over time the tool advanced, including aspects that caused it to be more accurate and fruitful. The 1st cutter possessed an metal indicate scuff the ceramic tiles. It had been later changed with the existing tungsten carbide scratching tire.

Yet another built in device launched in 1960 was the snapping factor. It made it possible for end users to snap the tiles easily instead of using the bench, the cutter handle or

striking the ceramic tile with a knee because it was completed just before. This was a emerging trend inside the slicing procedure for the porcelain community.

The early spring-filled circuit breaker kitchen table, level variable rail, and swiveling ruler are just a handful of features of the Sigma that more display the development of the floor tile cutter as you may know it these days.


My overall effect of your Sigma 26 Inch Ceramic tile Cutter is a good one particular. Nowadays 12” x 24” tiles seem to be the norm as 12” by 12” as well as “4 1⁄4’s” used to be. Getting the opportunity to full the majority of my slices within my workspace is of utmost importance to me and my time management techniques.

This Sigma 9745 has lent itself properly for that process and has done equally as envisioned through the entire previous few years. Generally If I experienced a criticism, it might be the difficulty of lining up the decreasing wheel with the mark on your porcelain tile to cut due to the aesthetic blockage from the rail.

That being said, that may be not really a Sigma difficulty, as it is much more of a single rail porcelain tile cutter dilemma. Porcelain tile cutters fixed with a double rail program make this task a little less cumbersome.

Truthfully, when you turn out to be accustomed to the cutter, and comprehend in which the wheel tumbles, you will find this less difficult and easier, up until you don’t even consider it a challenge any more.

By Mario Pierce

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