We have a fresh looking garden.

With plenty to do around our recently purchased premises, we’ve been struggling to find volunteers who are up to the task. Luckily, Jay (our senior manager) went out into the streets and asked people if they had a handy job with using backyard tools.

We are aware that good help was hard to find. But we put him on a mission. Jay is usually good with people and talking then into things.

He past word experience is from car sales, so we knew he was the right person for the job. He came back with four trusty volunteers who have helped us to clear out the whole garden. It’s also important to mention that our backyard equipment has all been donated thanks to a local non-profit organization.

They are an Australian based company who review some of the latest products on the market. See the website at Their main purpose is to help general consumers and homeowners to get the most from their purchases, through reading unbiased reviews on their site.

Currently, their most popular category is their mower reviews, although they do attract several thousands of visitors each and everyday. So, first and foremost, thanks to (business we were asked not to mention) for being so supportive of our case and our organization.

We are non-profit as well and we appreciate all the help we can get. In return, we promised to host a BBQ this next summer to show our appreciation as well as a way for everyone to get to know each other better.

So, our four trusty volunteers have gone ahead and done everything to the garden that we could have wanted. Jay couldn’t have found four more dedicated volunteers!

They have cut the grass, cut down the bushes, trimmed the bushes and even designed the bushes into something more beautiful looking. Jenny, one of the volunteers is actually an artist, and immediately said yes when we offered her the chance to style and create something awesome out of the hedges.

Again, thanks for the donated hedge trimmer! Daniel was extremely useful with the lawn mower. And, Jason did a great job of cutting through the wood we had. Speaking of wood, be sure to check out this set of chainsaw reviews if you have time – their really handy!

So that’s it for our first (ever) blog post. It may not have been the most interesting post, but we wanted to get the word out and say thanks to our four amazon volunteers and thanks to the (non-profit we will not mention)! Stay tuned for future content! Much love!

By Mario Pierce

Mario loves Lions and he loves the zoo!

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