What You Can Do In GTA Game If Your Are Bored?

Grand Theft Auto Onlinehas not seen any new content since the December casino heist. It’s still a big game with lots of things to do. Here are some activities that you may not have done in a while if you’re looking for GTA Online.

Missions from the Olden Days

Many players stopped doing the original contact missions after heists and business became more popular in GTA Online website. These missions are not well-paid, don’t have the same level of quality as newer GTA content and feel very simple. You might want to give them a try if you have already played all of GTA Online.

These old missions may not have been attempted by new GTA Online players. Veteran players, when was your last time doing some dirty work for Simeon. It won’t make you millions, but it will be fun to invite your friends to join you in these simple, quick missions. Rockstar has added new contact missions to their roster. They are better than the old ones and worth checking out.

Street Races

It may be difficult to recall a time when stunt racing was possible. These elaborate, extravagant races with huge ramps and exotic cars have become the norm in GTA Online. There was a time when stunt racing was not possible. It was the days of normal car racing on roads and dirt tracks around San Andreas.

These races may not be as thrilling, but they can feel new to players who haven’t been on these tracks for a while. These races are also a great way to test your driving skills. You might be a great driver on large race tracks designed for high-speed cars but it’s a different challenge driving down small streets or alleyways. These older tracks can help you improve your driving skills. You can also go back to these tracks if you’d like to experience them in a different way.

Rally Race

Most point-to-point racing in GTA Online can be converted into rally races by choosing the option in the lobby prior to the races start. Rally races are two-player teams, one driving and one navigating. The navigator can’t control their car and the driver can’t see the waypoints or map so they must work together to navigate the course.

For these races you will need a headset and a microphone. I don’t recommend playing with your friends unless you don’t want to hear 12-year-olds yelling at you each time you hit a tree.

Mt. Chiliad

The large mountain towards the south of GTA Online is quite impressive, but most players don’t spend too much time there unless they are playing a race or on a mission. This big, empty mountain was the best part of GTA Online.

You can either join a private lobby with a group of friends or go to an empty lobby. There are many ways to have your own fun at Mt. Chiliad. It is possible to set a timer so that everyone uses the timer to search for the best vehicle in the world to climb the mountain. You will almost always end up with someone stuck behind a slow semi-truck or a poor tractor.

Next, head west along the mountain’s side near the intersection with the highway. This section is easy to drive trucks and cars up and then try to carry them up the steep incline. You can also have everyone bring their bikes and see who makes it to the top. If you do make it to the top, don’t forget about taking off on your car or motorcycle from that ramp.

Slasher (with Friends)

Slasher is a game mode that GTA Online added to the site a few years back for Halloween. One player is called the “slasher” and is armed with a shotgun. The other players are unarmed and only have flashlights. If the slasher takes out all the players, they become the slasher. The slasher is killed or made it to the final alive. They win and become the slasher. Although it’s quite creepy and there are some irritating animations that can be exploited, it’s still fun to play with friends.

You can agree that you will not attack the slasher, but instead make it more frightening and intense by playing hide and seek. You can’t fight back. If you are spotted by the slasher, all you can do to escape is to scream. You can also force people to play in the first-person perspective and limit the number of victims who can use their flashlights. This will give you a mode that will keep them entertained for hours.

Enjoy some tennis and golf

GTA online isn’t just about killing and stealing. There are many fun, in-depth tennis and golf games hidden within the game. It can take over an hour to play a full round of golf with just two players. You have to deal with wind and elevation. You can find modern golf games that are similar to it.

GTA Online is a great way to have fun playing tennis. It’s a lot like Virtua Tennis and Rockstar’s Table Tennis. There are many ways to hit the ball and the rules of tennis must be followed. You can spend a whole day playing golf or tennis with a friend. You can also drive around in a golf cart all day.

Play the Good Abversary Modes

Since GTA Online’s inception, adversary modes have had a bad rep. They are often not fun, and feel more like weird variations of better game modes than new full-on ones. There are a few Adversary Modes that are worth your time.

Hasta La VistaThis mode is very simple. One team drives large semi-trucks and the other drives small bicycles. While the bikes are trying to move from one place to the next, the trucks are trying squish them like insects. This was one of the first Adversary Modes to be added in 2015. It’s fun and exciting. It is still a favorite of mine, and I continue to play it with friends.

Hunting PackA group of fast-car hunters tries to stop the van. A bomb is hidden in the van and will explode if it slows down. A few people in cars are trying to protect the player in the van from the hunters. This mode can lead to some intense crashes and comebacks.

DeadlineDo you like?TronWhat do you think? Are you a fan of wild game modes?Deadline is for all.Each player controls a Tron Lightcycle that, like the film, leaves behind colored light trails. They die if another player drives into one. The last player standing wins. Listen to some Daft Punk songsTron LegacyAlbum while you are playing to elevate this mode.

Overtime Rumble-A good group of friends is the best way to enjoy GTA Online.Imagine curling meets darts, but with rocket-powered cars.

Fly School

Perhaps you are a beginner looking to improve your flying skills or an experienced player who isn’t very good at it. Maybe you’re bored and just need something to do. You might want to try the San Andreas Flight School. This activity has 10 mini-missions and was added in 2014. Each one has the player piloting an aircraft in a different scenario or trying to achieve a goal.

One test requires you to be able to survive an engine breakdown. Another challenge is to land a helicopter onto a moving flatbed truck. You will receive a unique shirt for completing all the flight school courses. If you earn gold medals on each test, you can also walk away with more than $230k. These tasks can be more difficult than you think.

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